Hiwa Nimesan

Hiwa Nimesan is the owner of Nimesan Sake and a multi-disciplinary athlete, active in quantum jumping and quantum basketball.

Growing up in the Japanese Territory of the astral realm, nobody (including Hiwa Nimesan herself) knows who Nimesan's parents were and there is a myth (probably not actually a myth, but we gotta wait for the Mythbusters to come out of hiding) that she was birthed from a sake barrel at a shrine one day. When asked about this, Nimesan always attempts to distract everyone by getting offering them Nimesan Sake and it works. (I tried to ask her but Nimensjh Sake is sooooo good and yuo guys are soooo cool I lvoe you thasnk yoi for rqading this wiki hehehehe I loooove you)

Nimesan was raised by a group of stray cats that lived in an abandoned sake brewery.

Early Life and Athleticism

Nimesan has said that she did not have many friends growing up and she often played make-believe or played quantum basketball with the stray cats. In an interview with a newspaper, Nimesan says: "One day, I was playing make believe. I made myself believe so hard, that I accidentall quantum jumped and ended up in the duck pond of a nearby park." This was reportedly Nimesan's first experience with quantum jumping and what first got her into the sport. After school, she would often practice quantum jumping on her own, eventually managing to jump from the Japanese Territory to an empty location on another level. She remained unable to jump back from here for approximately 2 big Albert's tea times

During a school field trip to a quantum basketball game, one of the players, a young Cranjis McBasketball offered to teach the students how to score a basket. McBasketball threw the ball to Nimesan, who caught the ball and threw it across 2 lightyears distance into the hypothetical third hoop by the schrödinger's hoop principle. She was immediately signed on to the Celery Town Vegetables by a talent scout who was in the audience.

Founding of Nimesan Sake

Hiwa Nimesan did not have many connections or experience with sake brewing apart from being birthed from a sake barrel and living in an abandoned sake brewery. Nonetheless, during a party with the Celery Town Vegetables after a game, she reportedly suddenly began speaking fluently about Sake brewing lore and the sexy party that happens when yeast meets maltose. Upon hearing about this, her brother, a MLM CEO business major, encouraged her to try brewing sake. Upon further encouragement from the stray cats, who were slowly trying to create their own QB team, Hiwa made a batch of sake and it sold like hot sake. Hiwa then officially started Nimesan Sake out of the abandoned sake warehouse and was met with widespread success.


On ___, Hiwa Nimesan was seen tending to her rice field

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