UFO Shopping Center

UFO Shopping Center
Location German Region
Type Anomaly/Shopping Center
Surface Area dabadeebadeebadodo
Date built Unknown
Banana count 12.5
Protein power 500

The UFO is an anomalous shopping center in the German region of the astral realm. It is believed to have been built or placed there by extraterrestrial visitors to the astral realm. The shopping center encompasses 25 stores and 3 hidden stores which can only be accessed through quantum jumping. The shopping center is the largest shopping center in the 3rd level of the D3ARRS

Appearance and Structure

The UFO Shopping Center appears, at the surface, as 2 flying saucers connected by a tunnel. The saucers serve as circular parking lots, with the centers of the saucers acting as elevators that lead visitors to the main shopping center, an underground tunnel lined with stores.


Though it is unknown when the UFO Shopping Center first appeared in the astral realm, people have been noted visiting the shopping center as early as 1534 in Jing Badinski's journal Accounts of the Astral Bread Merchant. Here, Badinski spoke about his experience selling bread at the UFO for 2 years, and took notes in great detail of the customers who often came to buy from him. One example gives us a great view into the visitors of the astral realm at the time (certain elements have been ommited from the source text to protect the identity of those involved, as they may still be alive.):

"Customer 1: This man, [REDACTED] [REDACTED] comes every 2 days to purchase bread, saying it's much cheaper and better quality than the bread in his village, [REDACTED]. He wears a long tophat, which seems almost like an extension of his sideburns that run up to his hair from his bearded chin."

Around this time, the shopping center served as a marketplace for merchants with little regulation. It is believed that Nimesan Nakamatsu of Nimesan Sake may have started selling sake at the UFO, though this remains much more of an urban myth, with the only concrete evidence to support this being an old grainy photograph, seen below: