Cranjis McBasketball

Cranjis McBasketball is a pro Quantum Basketball star and owner of the record label Dune.


McBasketball takes on the form of an absolute legend, wearing XXL basketball shorts and a jersey from an unknown basketball team. He doesn't play for a team, he is too good for that and takes on a whole team by himself, slam-dunking his way to victory.

Early Life

Cranjis McBasketball was born on Earth on January 16th, 1986. At the age of 6, he started to play basketball with the neighborhood kids. His family did not support his basketballian aspirations, insisting he focus on academia. His parents sent him to a boarding school when he was 10, where he quickly became friends with Rickyticky Bobbywobbin. Bobbywobbin taught McBasketball to astral project a McBasketball taught Bobbywobbin how to play basketball. Bobbywobbin and McBasketball soon became the best at basketball in the entire school. It was only on a school trip to the astral realm that McBasketball was approached by the manager of the Multiuniversal Quantum Basketball League (MQBL).